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You may not know how to network, promote growth and professional recognition or even where to start – let alone finding the time to manage and keep a personal brand consistent and active. You may be missing out! Studies have shown that in New Zealand, Facebook alone has achieved 80% market penetration of individuals (Zavy Ltd). So why not use it to leverage brand identity?
At professionora, we will sit down with you and develop an individual strategy to achieve personalised goals for your professional brand. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and one strategy won’t work for everyone. If you are looking to gain more time to focus on the things you do best as a professional and reduce the worry about the performance of your online presence, then we may have the solution for you.
LinkedIn is our specialty where we develop targeted strategies and enhance your personal brand to lift it above the rest, and to create and portray a professional, active and engaging brand identity drawing in valueable industry connections and adding to your bottom line. We also work with other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google+ and can manage and set up personal blogs.

So why is personal branding important? Download our mini e-book full of tips and tricks, do's and don'ts explaining how to optimise your platforms and brand identity to get noticed. Also see our blogs and articles at the bottom of this page.

In personal branding, execution is King and to stand out, you must execute a winning strategy daily. Do you find yourself always running out of time to manage your personal brand platforms and see almost no leads coming in from your online presence? Or are you just starting out and have no idea how to promote, grow and generate traffic through your online network? Take a look at what we offer or simply contact us through LinkedIn, Facebook or by clicking the 'Contact Us' button and hire a brand strategist.

If you have no idea what we are talking about - allow us to introduce you to the idea of creating, promoting and growing your personal brand/business online. We can build and customise just the right media platform package for you. Feel free to flick us an email with some questions or alternatively, a free discovery call explaining all the basics
Already have a personal brand platform but just dont have the time to manage and promote an active presence in your professional network? We can help with that too! We do all the content research and provide a monthly report on how your personal brand is performing online. Just click on the 'Contact Us' button.
You already have a great base follwing and online presence, but your audience seems to have stagnated resulting in less leads coming through to your business. With our premium package, we can focus all our energy on growing your personal brand and getting your name out there in your professional network, reaching your throught leader goals

Contact us now to book your first discovery call or face to face consult to see how we can help you achieve your personal brand goals!


We also offer one on one customised mentoring and coaching charged at one hour sessions. This option is great if you are after a specific target or goal or you are looking for a specific strategy completely modified to your needs. Its also great if you just need someone to give you an overall basic introduction to managing your brand, or if you have a specific area you would like to learn more about. Once we have established who you are and what you do, we can come up with a winning strategy to get you going and reach your goals.

We have an option to create webpages/landing pages for you and your business as well.

With all our services, we will provide a free quote and proposal depending on your needs. We also provide free follow up material to keep you on track. 

Please feel free to contact us with your enquiry and we will be in touch as soon as we can. Althernatively, follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay updated.

We offer a full strategic consultation for individuals and small bsuinesses where we sit down with you and come up with a 'road map' tailored to your brand.

NZ$ 125*
One off payment
One on one session between 1 - 3 hours  
This is where we sit with you to come up with a customised strategy and plan for you and your branding goals
You walk away with a full road map of strategies you can start implimenting straight away aligned with your brand goals
Option for futher colaboration if needed
*If you would like to make a booking for a group please contact us for further information 
Realestate Sales - Harcourts
Professionora helped me get into my target industry with a leading multinational company before I even finished my industry training. I had no idea how powerful LinkedIn could be as part of a career strategy - within a couple of days of using key profile and professional networking strategies I had learnt, I had a meeting set up and had multiple industry leaders in my area seeing my profile. 
Amy Walsh
Social Media Manager - Wove
Professionora restored my work / life balance without impacting on my pesonal brand. I saw great results, but with me doing less work to achieve them!
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