A new kind of digital marketing agency.
Growing an interested and engaged audience while maintaining authenticity, transparency and brand awareness can be a difficult task for many professionals and business owners. Let us help you reach your branding goals though digital media!
Why us?

At Professionora, we will sit down with you and develop an individual strategy to achieve personalized goals for your professional brand. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and one strategy won’t work for everyone. If you are looking to gain more time to focus on the things you do best as a professional and business owner, as well as reduce the worry about the performance of your online presence in the social media realm, then we may have the solution for you.
Whether you simply need social media advice, management, or even email marketing, rebranding and new logos, we can help. We have a few different packages available which are customised to your brand.
We like to work to indivual needs, that is why focus on really getting to know you, your values and find your brand's voice.
Digital Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • E-mail Marketing & Newsletters
  • Digital & Social Media Advertising
  • Digital Media Marketing Strategy & Workshops
  • LinkedIn & Personal Branding for Professionals
Graphic Design
  • Videos & Editing
  • Photography
  • Logo Design & Animation
  • Branding
  • Digital Signage Design
Website & More
  • Landing Pages
  • Websites
  • Google Business & Ads Management
  • Newspaper and Print Media Ads
Medical Professionals

How we do it

At Professionora, we love getting to know our clients, discovering their goals and finding ways to help them achieve their dreams.


We know you have seen ad, upon ad on Facebook or Instagram telling you to 'use this one trick' to grow a following or 'download my free step by step' to help you set up ads that convert or even 'download my secrets to building an online brand'. You download these incredible easy promises, implement and... crickets. You get no engagement, no one responds, and you are left feeling frustrated, deflated and want to give up.


The truth is, these tactics and various strategies may work for some, but they will not fit most people and their businesses.


Ever heard of the saying "your business is an extension of you"?

This is why all those freebies you downloaded just don't work. They may give you some good starting points to launch from; however, you are individual, and so is your brand or business. The same strategy rarely works for everyone. 


We like to sit down with our clients, get to know them and their business on a personal level that we too can believe in it and therefore help you leverage your brand with a customized and unique strategy.

What Our Clients are Saying

" Professionora is Wonderful! I worked with Nika recently to build no less than 4 simple websites and to set me up with effective social media marketing. I now leave it up to Nika at Professionora to chase leads for me, it is a huge relief to me knowing this essential part of my business growth is taken care of. "

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